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Storm, SCORM… What is it ?

After an introduction to the LMS and LCMS platforms, this time we will focus on a new acronym (yes, another one) : SCORM.

SCORM visual


SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) defines a standardized way of building digital learning content so that it can « communicate » with digital platforms. Its role is to make these different training contents compatible, editable, and especially usable by a majority, on a large number of LMS platforms and other systems also using this same standard. With SCORM, all of this is possible even if the modules are not created with the authoring tool of the platform ! The files under this norm are very often Zip files.

It is the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative that is behind the SCORM model and its specifications. Created by the US Department of Defense in 1997, it has a role of research, development and classification of shared learning content used by a large number of people on the web (e-learning content).


There are several versions of SCORM, the best known being the versions 1.2 and the 2004 :

  • SCORM 1.2 was the first release to gather training contents into one single medium, and to allow e-learning designers to import/export metadata. It also allows to deduce the success or failure of a learner on a module.
  • SCORM 2004 (4 editions of this version exist), this one differs from the 1.2 by allowing to adapt the sequencing of the contents according to the activities and paths taken by the learners. It allows as well, if the courses are on an LMS platform, to share and collect information about learners’ learning progress and the achievement of their goals. What also differentiates this version from the 1.2 is that it gives information about the completion of the modules.


To summarize, any training content created under SCORM will be usable on an LMS platform respecting the same standard and vice versa.

We can even say that this particularity of SCORM leads to the spreading of training contents almost without numerical limits ! In fact, today fortunately, a vast majority of LMS platforms on the market use this norm !