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Franchises & Chains – Why you should use Digital Learning ?

You are a franchise or a chain and have interest in the Digital Learning but you hesitate to get started ? We explain to you the advantages and applications of this tool and why you must not do without it…

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Employee training is a key success factor in the fierce competition of franchises & chains. For information, we counted in 2018 in France : 2,004 franchisors for 74,193 franchisees ! It is therefore essential to implement innovative and agile training tools, such as Digital Learning, to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Digital Learning allows you to digitize the knowledge & best practices specific to your company, in order to share them more easily with your subsidiaries and franchisees. It is essential that the transmission of knowledge is done with adapted and effective tools because :

Advantages of DL on the company's brand image

For example, according to Marine Devaux, trainer additional sales and customer loyalty at 3 macarons (professional training center), a catering staff well trained in sales, leads to an increase of 10 to 20 % of the average basket !

Spread effectively your knowledge & best practices

Thanks to Digital Learning platforms such as LMS platforms, all of your content is centralized and learners can access it 24/7, without space constraints. This allows (among other things) :

  • To spread more effectively the training to all of your franchisees/subsidiaries that are geographically dispersed, and thus to reduce the mobilization of space and training teams.
  • To facilitate the skills’ homogenization of all your employees.
  • To make the training department more responsive. For example, by enabling them to quickly find an obsolete media for your Digital Learning solution provider to quickly update or replace it.

Face turnover & Develop your employer brand

Franchises & Chains are affected by a significant turnover that poses real problems for managers. Indeed, it entails a regular integration of employees who must learn the job or acquire a knowledge specific to your organization. This represents for the managers, extra time to train the teams, often on the same notions.

Offering quality training combining face-to-face and Digital Learning (Blended Leaning) will boost your employer branding and in the same time allow you to cope with this turnover. Indeed, it will facilitate the retention of your current employees & attract new talented ones :

Digital Learning makes sure that all the members of the network (new and old) share your values ​​& quality standards (thanks to the content they have access to on the LMS platform). This will also avoid a weariness of the training managers who must continually train new employees.

With Digital Learning, trainers can finally focus on the added value of training. For example, the face-to-face part of the training will enable them to support employees throughout the integration and development process : to get to know them, to answer their questions, to integrate them into the network, to consider ways to improve themselves… This will also make them feel a sense of belonging to the network and thus, will make them stay. The feeling of being sidelined is unfortunately a recurrent problem shared by many subsidiaries/franchises, and which has led to many departures.

Optimize your training budget :

Last, but not least, advantage of Digital Learning, is the savings you can realize on your training budget :

– As we mentioned above, thanks to digital training, you can reduce your expenses in human and material resources, by allowing the collaborators to train themselves partly in autonomy ;

– Thanks to blended learning, the training team can train more employees over the same period by spending less time with the same group (since part of the training is done independently).

– When adopting a turnkey LMS solution, you can also access ready-to-use off-the-shelf content. At Deegeat, we have more than sixty courses on the fieldS of bakery & catering. This allows to save money on course creation !

Our arguments convinced you ? You can get started with Digital Learning now, click here, yes, it’s as simple as that ;)